The fancier site is pending, but here something interesting anyway:

Always fancy to show something cool form the "old country".
(We never cease to be Finns of course!)
Education, education, education! A nice summary why we re so ... nice :)

Another educative and hearth warming story...

Next one...

One more :)

This was an eye opener for me.
Understanding the basics of metabolism was pretty simple. No diets. Just understanding!

The Amazing Similarities Between Fructose and Alcohol metabolism
So the story in short is:
Fructose is a POISON!
and table sugar is 50% fructose. Period.

Avoid osteoporosis and stay young: Simple newly discovered facts about inteaction of D3, K2, Calcium and Magnesium!

Just for fun for friends and family:
Lorren Lindevig and Florian Chimielewski, Cloquet, MN July 4th, 2012
We had a wonderful vacation in Minnesota and met many relatives there ...

Elli Birthday party picures. February 21, 2015 @ Frigate's North Palm Beach.

Eat Natto Test video.

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